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True Bliss Cannabis offers an exclusive and innovative vaping platform for CBD and THC. We proudly support the cannabis industry’s mission to minimize opioid use through medical and recreational use to licensed state facilities.

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We put the “can” in cannabis.

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Reese Marquard


Mr. Marquard, a San Diego native, comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Early on, his grandfather instilled a strong work ethic in him by involving him in his successful transportation business. There, Mr. Marquard learned  hard work takes both physical and mental stamina. After graduating high school, Mr. Marquard After High School, Mr. Marquard began working at a San Diego based Accounting Firm. During this time, his witty sense of humor and charisma helped establish him as a leader. Shortly after, he began a startup hardware company supporting the hemp and cannabis industry. Three years later, he contributed much success to two startup companies and has recently spun-off to create his own, True Bliss Cannabis. 

      Over the last three years, Mr. Marquard has built strong business relationships within the industry and throughout the nation. Although he set out to by a psychiatrist, he found his calling in leading businesses. He experienced the phenomenal grow and change within the Cannabis industry and offers a vast knowledge and insight of trends from younger generations. Social media marketing is an activity that he excels with great personal satisfaction. His passion is to create experiences that leave people feeling their best.

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Jennifer Gutierrez


Ms. Gutierrez spent many of her formative years in Southern Illinois before moving to Southern California. Ms. Gutierrez attended the University of California, San Diego where she graduated with her degree in Communications. While attending UCSD, she began working for a local San Diego attorney and later joined a local San Diego CPA firm. After graduation, she was selected to work with a Fortune 100 company and quickly developed a career in Sales and Field Development. Jennifer has successfully operated multi-million dollar businesses over the last decade and managed multi-state territories. Her area of concentration has been in Leadership Development, Global Branding, and Hispanic Market Penetration. Later making the decision to connect with her roots, she moved to her hometown of Carbondale, Illinois.

    Upon moving to Illinois, she became active in the community through various organizations and in 2014 she founded the Business Professional Network of Southern Illinois. Currently, she serves on the board of Southern Illinois Wellness and Carbondale Economic Development Committee. Her passion is helping others reach their full-potential. 

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